For work or for home upkeep, our tools give any handy-person the equipment to get the job done.

Our commitment to home improvement and variety is shown in our line of professional ladder and cabinetry, which can be perfect for the home remodel. If Home Security is your top priority, we also have Gun safes and Personal Safes to create a secure home. We also offer security options with digital safes for general or gun protection, with fire protection and coded system.

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115DB Vintage AOOGA Horn Car Boat Truck LOUD Klaxon Antique

This vintage AOOGA Horn is easy to install on any of your 12V Vehicle. It will play a good old-fashioned AOOGA sound.
$54.86 $32.27

Portable Wireless Home Security Alarm System Door Stop - 2 pcs

Easily and affordable prevent intruders from entering through doors—it's great when you travel, too! No installation required, you simply place the battery-powered doorstop at the base of any door, turn it on and go about your business.
$41.95 $20.99

Folding Dolly Cart

This 170 lbs. Cart folding dolly push truck hand collapsible trolley is an ideal tool for material handling and when transporting heavy items from one place to another.
$73.45 $38.80

22 Ton Air Hydraulic Floor Jack Lift Jacks

This is our brand new 22 ton air hydraulic floor jack. It is a perfect jack for industrial shop garage use. It’s for repairing trucks, trailers, buses and other heavy duty equipment.
$326.12 $285.95

Self-Adjusting Clutch Alignment Setting Tool Kit - 38 pcs

This high-quality clutch alignment tool is used to center the clutch disc perfectly under the pressure plate. The set is suitable for professional use.
$186.43 $109.66

Ignition Coil Puller Kit for VW Audi - 4 Pcs

This is a professional ignition coil puller set, suitable for installation or removal of ignition coils on VAG vehicles.
$45.27 $26.63

Auto Car Wheel Stud Hub Puller & Driveshaft Remover / Press Kit Hand Tool - 30 pcs

This 30 pcs heavy duty wheel hub puller set removes stubborn stud hubs and brake drums on cars and light commercial vehicles and is perfect for professional use in a full time garage or workshop.
$211.70 $124.53

Seven Piece Dent Repair Tool Set

This 7-piece dent body set is for easy buckling of your vehicle or to remove any lumps of metal parts. This tool set consists of 3 hammers, 2 small anvils and a pair of safety gloves.
$73.26 $43.09

Bear Silent BMW Puller

Included with differential and axle bush tools, this is a comprehensive kit to renew the ball joints and bearings in the rear wheel carrier, longitudinal arms and rear axle, etc. All tools included are of highest quality and designed for long life in daily workshop use.
$142.32 $83.72

Stainless Steel 6.5 L Liter Industry Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner Heater w/Timer

This brand new 6.5 liter stainless steel digital ultrasonic cleaner is more convenient and efficient than hand wash, steam cleaners, high pressure water jet cleaning or other machines. And this advanced brushed stainless steel cleaning tank can avoid corrosion water stain and keep the tank looking always new.
$289.79 $205.54

2 Stage Hydraulic Transmission Jack 1500 lbs with 360° Swivel Wheels Lift Hoist - Yellow

This is our 1500LBS Hydraulic Pressure Transmission Jack, with which you can easily guide a transmission safely and securely. It is features fully adjustable saddle with corner brackets.
$524.95 $317.36

Photo Studio Photography Stand Backdrop 4 Light Bulb Umbrella Muslin

1 x 86" Background Support System Premium Industrial 32"-86" Adjustable Height 120" Width 4-Piece Cross Bar Light Weight Solid Safety 3 Legs Quick-release Tight Locking System
$298.74 $125.95

Front Upper Ball Joint Extractor & Install Tool Set for VW T4

This front upper ball joint extractor / installer set of 6 pcs with tool box is designed for a long life in daily garage or workshop use.
$145.06 $85.33

Front-Axle Bush Extractor Puller Kit VAG VW Polo 9N Fox Audi A2 Skoda

This bush extractor kit is suitable for VW, Polo (9N), Fox, Audi A2 and Skoda front-axle bracket wishbone silent blocks.
$73.83 $43.43

2 Stage Hydraulic Transmission Jack with 360° Swivel Wheels Lift Hoist 1660 Lbs

Hydraulic Transmission Jack 1660 lbs.
$599.95 $351.95

Adjustable Mechanic Creeper Seat

With the Mechanic Rolling Creeper, performing repairs on your car, truck, van, and SUV has never been easier.
$129.95 $49.95

12 Piece Ratchet Wrench Set

With this set of 12 handy jaw wrenches & spanners, it is possible to access hard-to-reach areas. It is especially handy in the situation when a conventional wrench would be too big.
$66.09 $38.88

Rear Axle Bushing Tool Set for Ford FIESTA IV KA

This rear axle bushing tool set for Ford FIESTA IV & KA is ideal for replacing the rear axle mounting bushings in situ, without the need to remove the rear axle assembly.
$69.88 $41.10

Rear Bushing Tool Set for Ford Focus MK1 1998-2004

This rear bushing tool set for Ford Focus MK1 1998-2004 will be ideal for removing and installing the rear subframe bushes without removing the subframe from the vehicle.
$133.18 $78.34

Self Aligning Clutch (SAC) Alignment Tool Set

This SAC clutch alignment tool set is designed for the fast and professional disassembly and assembly of SAC clutches.
$180.78 $106.34

Silent Block Mounting Tool for Fiat Rear Axle

This tool set is used for mounting silent blocks on Fiat rear axles, suitable for Fiat Stilo '01 - '07, Fiat Bravo from '07 and Lancia Delta '08.
$49.00 $28.83

Silent Block Tool for Skoda VW Seat

This silent block tool set is manufactured from high quality carbon steel and designed for the proper and quick installation of rubber bushings (silent blocks) on front axle brackets.
$42.51 $25.00

Subframe Bushing Installer/Remover Tool Set Benz W220 W211 W203

This subframe bushing installer and remover tool set for Mercedes Benz will be ideal for replacing the subframe bushings whilst still on the vehicle and without the need for removing the rear axle assembly.
$148.06 $87.09

Subframe Bushing Installer/Remover Tool Set for BMW

This subframe bushing installer/remover tool set for BMW is ideal for replacing the subframe bushings without the need for removing the rear axle assembly.
$160.08 $94.16

Track Rod Setting Kit

This track rod setting kit is of highest quality and is for the professional, specifically for industrial use. With this set at hand, you are able to change the tie rod ends without additional alignment. It can also be used for replacement of defective tie rod head and adjusting new joint precisely.
$82.13 $48.31

LED Anti-Lost Key Finder - 4 pcs

It acts as a key ring but with an electronic tackle to find your keys when you lost it.
$29.99 $5.99