Assisted Pull Ups, popularized by CrossFit, are a great way to strengthen your entire upper body by doing pull ups with the assistance of our power bands. Pull ups are an extraordinary multi-joint exercise, which means that it incorporates a set of complex movements that engage multiple muscle groups. This offers a few distinct advantages:

1. Efficiency: You burn more calories because more muscles are engaged.
2. Functional Training: Tones your body as a unit, training your muscles to work synergistically.
3. Decreased Risk of Injury: The simultaneous activity of multiple muscle groups creates a harmonious pattern that helps to prevent injury during a workout.

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Bullworker Iso-Bow Exerciser

Isometric / Iso-Motion Pocket Exerciser with CHART
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Fitness Bar Strengthen Gym Equipment

Comprehensive body training system designed to connect to any easy-to-install standard door
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Fitness Straight Bar Body by Jake

Tower 200 uses multi-tension Power Cords and gives you up to 200 pounds of explosive resistance and over 200 exercises.
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Gold's Gym Upper Arm and Thigh Slimmer Kit

Enhance the effectiveness of any workout by wearing the Gold's Gym Upper Arm and Thigh Slimmer Kit to feel the effective burn.
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