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Brake and Clutch Bleeder with Fill Bottle

This 34 oz (about 0.26 gal lqd) brake bleeder comes with a 24 oz (about 0.18 gal lqd) fill bottle where you may fill in new fluid. The kit uses standard workshop air supply (90-120 psi) to flush and refill the brake system, ideal for one-man
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Brake and Clutch Bleeder with Fill Bottle

One-man brake bleeding is made easy by using this hand-held 34 oz (about 1 L/0.26 gal lqd) vacuum pump together with the included 24 oz (about 0.7 L/0.18 gal lqd) new fluid fill bottle. Using standard workshop air supply (6-12 bar), the kit works efficiently to flush and refill the brake system on most vehicles. The brake bleeder withdraws fluid from the bleed nipple. Hose for fluid extracting is also included. This list is for a set of brake and clutch bleeders with hose, a fluid bottle, 2 metal connectors and 4 extra connectors.

  • Old fluid bottle capacity: 34 oz, approx. 1 L/0.26 gal lqd
  • Fill bottle capacity: 24 oz, approx. 0.7 L/0.18 gal lqd
  • Air consumption: 180 L/min
  • Metal connector: 1/4 "(0.64 cm)
  • 4 extra connectors: 0.83"-1.2", 0.9"-1.26", 1.1"-1.46", 1.26"-1.6"
  • Air requirement: 6-12 bar
  • Vacuum: 60%
warning prop 65

This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.